One of two things has happened since you’ve read Pregnancy Announcement.  Either you’re extremely confused and have no idea what you’re about to read, or there’s the thought that Lindsay and I might be having another baby.  Well, I guess you’ll just need to watch the video below.

We did make a pretty amazing pregnancy announcement video though.  I think it turned out perfect!

pregnancy announcementPreparing For The Pregnancy Announcement

Preparation took quite a bit of time and work.

  • First, we had to make the baby
  • Once the pregnancy was confirmed, we began brainstorming ideas for the pregnancy announcement

Obviously you’re not going to make a pregnancy announcement video if you’re not having a baby so we started working on that almost right away.  Once we confirmed the pregnancy we decided to wait a few months before we told anybody just to be safe.  This also gave us a few months to plan for our video.  Instead we waited until the last minute but I think it still turned out great.

Coming Up With The Idea For The Pregnancy Announcement

We knew that we wanted to make a video to be able to send to all of our family members, and friends.  We wanted it to be something unique, and more than just, “Hey, Lindsay’s pregnant!”  I thought the idea for a movie trailer was awesome, and Lindsay had seen a few that were similar to what we wanted to do so we began there.  I definitely think that we had a pretty original idea though.

Our Pregnancy Announcement

So, our video starts off with some “news clips.”  They are talking about something that people get which causes memory loss, it’s super destructive and all of that.  Oh, by “destructive” we mean that once the kid is older, they can be destructive.  Anyways, once that’s over, the fun begins

There were a few things that we wanted to put on the video, but we didn’t want it to be too long.  Obviously we were going to put something up there about the pregnancy cravings.  Plus, when Lindsay is pregnant, her memory is terrible so that needed to go on there as well.  We had other things that we thought would be funny but the video started getting too long so we ended it with her holding up the pregnancy test.

Alright, well enough talking about it, let’s see the video already!  I’m sure you will enjoy it and get a laugh out of it.  If you thought it was funny, feel free to share it.  Thank you, and once the baby is born you can expect tons of photos.  Also frequent updates on how my wifey is doing with the pregnancy.

  • Emma Wade

    Congrats y’all!!

    • ssgtchrisames

      Thanks =D