Thanks Obama

Jude’s life has been so crappy lately.  Everything is going wrong and for some reason he’s blaming it on the current President of the US, Barrack Obama.  Watch the video for yourself!  Below is what’s said in the video in case you have a hard time understanding him.

  • Thanks Obama
  • This water is cold, thanks Obama
  • Ready, get set, go. Thanks Obama
  • No good food. Thanks Obama
  • I can’t reach the monkey bars, thanks Obama
  • Ugh it’s too heavy, thanks Obama
  • TV’s broken, thanks Obama
  • Baby is crying, thanks Obama
  • Thanks Obama
  • Ready, get set, go. Thanks Obama
  • Poopy diaper, thanks Obama

So you know, this is a joke so please don’t jump down my throat.  Have a laugh, drink a beer, share the video, and move along =D  With all of the crap going on in the world, you need to laugh sometimes!