What Is VersaCarry?

VersaCarry is a very discrete, in the waist band holster used for concealed carry.  It is made out of a custom plastic resin and the barrel retention rod is made of Derlin, measured to fit perfectly and held on to the plastic clip securely with a screw.  It is said to take away 75% of the bulk that you would experience with other holsters.  When you order it, make sure that you get the correct size.  You can find a sizing chart on the VersaCarry websiteversacarry logo

VersaCarry Unboxing

The VersaCarry comes with the main holster and a trigger guard which you can install on either side, depending on which hand you shoot with.  The trigger guard is easy to install but make sure you read the instructions.  They tell you that once you install the trigger guard, you shouldn’t remove it.  I’m sure it will weaken it or possibly break the locking capabilities of it so make sure you fit it right the first time.  Once you install the trigger guard you’re done setting it up.  Just slide it onto your pistol and you’re ready to go.  They say that there’s  a break in period of 3-5 days where the VersaCarry is forming to your pistol.  You may or may not notice plastic shavings from holstering your weapon but that’s completely normal.

If you read the instruction manual, it comes with some warnings:

  • Do not use the VersaCarry if your weapon is locked and cocked
  • Do not use the VersaCarry if you carry with a round in the chamber

How To Use The VersaCarry

The VersaCarry is simple to use.  Just hold your pistol at an angle and slide it on until it snaps in place.  Once it’s on your weapon, it’s not going anywhere until you draw your pistol.  The VersaCarry fits very securely on my SIG P229.  After you have the VersaCarry installed on your pistol, just slide it in your waistband until it’s secured over your belt.  You will notice that it’s designed with a hook that will actually hold on to your belt.  This will make sure that it doesn’t go anywhere when you draw your weapon.  Once you draw your weapon, you will not be able to re-holster it unless you pull the VeresaCarry off of your belt and reattach it to your weapon.

VersaCarry VS Blackhawk CQC

Prior to purchasing the VersaCarry, I was using the Blackhawk Serpa CQC on the belt concealed holster.  Let me first say that I absolutely LOVE my Blackhawk holster.  The only issue I have with it is that it’s really bulky and kind of defeats the purpose of concealing my pistol.  That’s how I found VersaCarry.  I wanted something that took the bulk away.  The photos below will show you the difference between the VersaCarry and Blackhawk holsters.  If I want to just wear my gun on my hip without trying to conceal it, or if I’m wearing something with more room like a jacket, suit, etc…then I will wear the Blackhawk.  If I’m wearing a t-shirt or something and I really want my pistol concealed then I will certainly use the VersaCarry.

Overall Thoughts About VersaCarry

I think it’s an awesome holster all around and I plan on using it frequently.  I like how light and simple it is.  It also definitely takes the bulk away, especially compared to my Blackhawk.  If you’re looking for a good concealed carryholster then you might want to check it out.  The only concern I have is their warning about carrying with a round in the chamber.  I don’t know if there have been issues with this holster but I can definitely see how your trigger being unprotected on one side could be a problem.  I guess it’s ultimately up to you how your carry your pistol around.  All in all, I say go for the VersaCarry.

Here is a link to purchase the VersaCarry on Amazon for even cheaper than it is on the VersaCarry website!  If you have it or plan on getting it let me know!

  • We encourage everyone with a ccw to try a variety of holsters until they find one that fits their body, attire, and lifestyle. Be sure to select one that allows you to draw and fire safely and quickly.

    • ssgtchrisames

      I agree! Everybody is different and the VersaCarry might not fit the bill for some people. Safety is extremely important which is why it’s not a good idea to use this holster if you’re locked and cocked, or your weapon doesn’t have a safety. When I wear it, I won’t have a round chambered but that’s just me. I won’t do much good if I shoot myself in the ass!

      Thanks for the comment!