Some Background Story

Our son, Jude was born at home.  Lindsay wanted a water birth with him but the pool she ordered ended up getting there the day after he was born.  No water birth for Jude but everything else was great.  She had her Midwife there and a couple of assistants, plus a bunch of family.  Jude was born right there on the bed, no problem and I was able to watch on Skype from Japan.

water birthPregnant Again

Fast forward almost two years and we find ourselves expecting baby number two.  There was sort of a panic moment because when Jude was born, Lindsay was living in Phoenix and her midwife was close.  Now we live about three hours away in Yuma.  We wanted to work it out somehow to keep the same Midwife that we used last time because she was so great.  Unfortunately it just wasn’t going to work so we decided to take a tour of the hospital.

The Midwife that Lindsay had been speaking with was great.  She said that she would pretty much let us do whatever we want unless an emergency happened, in which case she or a doctor would take over.  Lindsay was set on a water birth and the hospital was fine with us bringing in a pool.  My concern was the clean up process but I’ll get into that a little later.

Water Birth – Night Prior

At this point Lindsay is ready to pop.  We had been hoping that our baby would come pretty much every day for the past five days.  The night prior to her water birth, we made sure everything was packed and ready to go.  I kind of took a look at everything that goes with the pool to make sure I knew how to set everything up but it’s going to be pretty simple so I’m not too worried about it.

Water Birth – Game Day

Today is Lindsay’s due date and she is determined to have a baby!  Lindsay did everything she could think of to get things going.  We took the dogs for a walk and let them run around at the dog park while Lindsay walked laps.  Then we got home and tried a few things (wink wink).  I was talking about eating spicy food and stuff!  Anyways, finally in mid afternoon Lindsay started having contractions.  We were confident that water birth was happening tonight.

Around 7:30pm contractions started getting much closer together so I began slamming coffee because I knew it was going to be a long night.  At around 8:30 we finally went to the hospital.   We got there, Lindsay was taken to triage, and I had to sit in the waiting area with Jude.  It felt like I was waiting for over 30 minutes which was driving me crazy.  I just wanted to be with Lindsay and people were keeping me from doing that so I wasn’t happy.  We finally got in the room and it was time to put up the pool.

water birth

Weeks before this, I was very skeptical about the whole water birth, setting up a pool in a hospital room thing.  I thought it was going to be a big pain in the ass and while I knew that Lindsay really wanted to do it, I wasn’t thrilled about having to set it up and break it down.  It didn’t matter though, I’m not the one pushing an almost 9 pound thing out of a very small hole.  I will say that the water birth went much smoother than I thought.  Setting it all up was easy.  The only thing that went wrong is the water hose decided to do its own thing and shot water all over the room (see the video).  Here is what you will need if you want to do this (this list is for the men):

  • Water Birth Pool – This link is where we got our pool
  • Motorized Air Pump (unless you want to blow it up yourself which I don’t recommend)
  • Long hose – At least 50 feet.  It will most likely be much more than you need but better to have more than not enough
  • Adapters for the sink and shower head.  Get with the hospital ahead of time to find out what size you need.  If you don’t have these, you won’t be able to hook the hose up to the sink which will make it very challenging to fill the pool up with water
  • Water thermometer – You can get these very cheap from Wal-Mart
  • Water Pump – This is to pump the water out of the pool once everything is over.  Again, not a necessity but it’s going to be very challenging to empty the pool without it
  • Coffee – Lots and lots of coffee!

If you search around, we were able to find someone who would rent us most of the equipment we needed.  I think we spent a total of $30 for the pumps and hose.  We had to purchase the pool but that’s definitely something you want to be brand new!

Once we got the pool aired up it was time to fill it.  So you know, the water needs to at least be body temperature.  We tried to get it up to 100 degrees but keeping it there was tough.  We had a small bucket which we would use to scoop out cool water so we could replace it with hot water.  We only had to do it a few times.

water birth

Lindsay was in the pool for just under an hour and a half.  Compared to when she had Jude, she seemed like she was able to talk more during the entire labor.  She appeared more comfortable and unless she was having a contraction, was able to chat with everyone.  When it came time to push, she only pushed for five minutes.  She turned around to her back, a few minutes later her water finally broke and a few minutes after that Zoe was born.  The water birth went very smooth.

water birth

Once everything settled down, it was time to break everything down.  This is the part that I was dreading however, it wasn’t bad at all.  All I did was put the pump in the pool and put the hose in the bathtub.  It took a while for all of the water to drain but it didn’t require any work on my part.  After that, I let all of the air out of the pool, folded it up, put it back in the box and in the trash it went.  I wiped up some water off the floor and I was done.

water birth

Zoe’s Stats

  • Birthday – September 6th, 2014
  • Weight – 8lbs 11.7oz
  • Length – 20in

I will say that Lindsay was a badass during the labor.  It was all natural, no drugs used at all which I feel contributed to how quick and smooth everything went.

We stayed in the hospital for around 24 hours and finally made our way home.  If I had to do it again I wouldn’t have changed anything.  The water birth was easy on my end.  Much easier than I thought it would have been.  Below is a video I put together.

Water Birth Video

The video starts the night prior to Zoe’s arrival.  We were hoping that it was going to happen on the 5th but no such luck.  The next day we take you through the entire day.  Lindsay walks laps while we take the dogs to the dog park trying to get things moving and finally at the end, you’ll see the birth.  Let us know what you think and please be mature when you comment.

  • Emma Wade

    She is so beautiful!! Congrats to you and Lindsay!! She made it look easy and painless although I’m sure it was far from it.

    • ssgtchrisames

      Hey, thanks! Yeah she was amazing. =D

  • Brooke

    I watched your birth video on YouTube then clicked over her from there. Too funny. I saw your haircut and thought, “Military cut.” Then when your wife started on her walk I thought, “That looks like military housing. Is that Yuma?” Then I came over here and sure enough, you’re in Yuma. Haha.

    I’m HIGHLY impressed that the hospital let you bring a birth pool! Let’s just say that it doesn’t match my experience of being induced at 16 weeks for a missed miscarriage. I was seeing Marsha and the other midwife (can’t remember her name now) but because of my situation, the doctor on call (not one who worked in the office) took over and Marsha was not in charge. That doc and another one the next day were HORRIBLE. I’m so, so glad to see that you guys had such a good experience at that hospital. It was a beautiful natural birth!

    • ssgtchrisames

      Damn, I’m sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience. As you can see it was quite the opposite for us. They let us do what we wanted as long as the midwife didn’t see any issues. Lindsay had no complications during the pregnancy which probably helped.

      We lived in housing for a while and finally moved off base into a home of our own. It’s been fun. I need to post some videos of the kids!!!

      Thanks for the comment!